Yuri!!! On Ice: The Power of Delivering to Your Audience

Introduction: Ask yourself: what do you you want to get out of your entertainment? If someone were to ask you to make a detailed outline of everything you want to see in any television show, movie, game, book, album, or other form of media, what would be on your list? Not what type of genres, … Continue reading Yuri!!! On Ice: The Power of Delivering to Your Audience


Scattered Thoughts on Bakemonogatari

Well, I just finished Bakemonogatari for the first time and have a lot of thoughts and feelings about it. The problem I’ve been experiencing since the final ending theme has been making those thoughts and feelings cohesive, even to myself. Since they’re all still too scattered in my mind to make a full article out … Continue reading Scattered Thoughts on Bakemonogatari

Hibike! Euphonium: Character Analysis

Introduction: Character development is a term thrown around a lot in discussions on storytelling. It’s often a sizable factor in how many critics view whatever media they are reviewing. Briefly, because I don’t feel like doing a full article on it at the moment, character development is important to me because while we, the audience, … Continue reading Hibike! Euphonium: Character Analysis

Air For Free: Lyrical and Musical Review/Analysis

Introduction: Relient K is a difficult band to summarize in a few sentences. In the eighteen years that these Christian punks have been rocking and writing, they’ve changed, evolved and matured with each new release. When the wave of punk-pop began to recede in the ocean of Christian contemporary music and many of the bands … Continue reading Air For Free: Lyrical and Musical Review/Analysis