D2xHVOmUcAEuccOHi there, Eliza Sharp here (They/Any). Middling writer, overly enthusiastic bassist, struggling English major, very occasional Youtuber, ever-learning leftist, art enthusiast, “truly the dark souls of Starbucks girls”—you get the drill. Glad to make your acquaintance, welcome, welcome.

Caffeinated Telescopes is my dedicated space for writing about my myriad of interests. Having grown up with a passion for art and storytelling, my curiosities have branched into any number of realms and mediums including music, film, animation, literature, weird internet culture, literary criticism, among others, and I’m hardly done exploring yet. My more polished and concept-focused projects typically get made into video essays and posted on Youtube, while the rest of my passing thoughts and ideas end up here.

In addition to my (infrequently published) writing projects, I’m currently working towards an English degree and writing a pretentious prog concept album that I’m sure I’ll get around to finishing one of these days. I’ve lived in Southern California for nearly as long as I can remember, so the Youtube thing was kinda inevitable. Blame my parents for all of this. My other hobbies include anime, film, music, playing bass, reading, (learning) philosophy, crying while listening to The Mountain Goats and Sufjan Stevens, and spending way too much time on Twitter for the love of God someone please take my phone away I’m begging yo–

If you’d like to get a hold of me for any reason, check out the Contact page, or email me at caffeinatedtelescopes@gmail.com.